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Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary care encompasses a range of services that will enable you to live as long as you want in your home. It may a weekly check in to see how you are doing or it may be assisting you in cooking meals or looking after your home. Before we begin we will discuss your needs and carry out a full consultation so we can understand the level of care you require.


Carer talking to elderly lady



24/7 Care

24/7 care is suitable if you have a medical condition, are frail or have recently lost a loved one. We have a team of carers who will provide 24 hour care to give you the attention you need. We’ll assist with all the tasks that will enable you to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life.


Live-In Care

Should your needs not be as pronounced then you may only require live-in care. A carer will be with you throughout the day and offer assistance on an ad hoc basis during the night, if you require this. You can have complete peace of mind knowing someone is close by at all times.


 Carer helping lady with dementia


Dementia Care

If you are suffering from dementia, then staying in your home becomes even more important. Dementia affects people in different ways and our care reflects this. We’ll provide stability, compassion and kindness to help you live the life you want.


Sit in Calls/

Unfortunately, loneliness affects a significant portion of the elderly. If you feel isolated, we offer companionship so you will never feel abandoned. Whether it’s talking over a cup of tea or accompanying you to the shops, we’re here whenever you need us.




 Lady in wheelchair at hospital visit


Hospital Appointments

If you struggle to remember when your appointments are or have problems travelling to them, our carers will make sure that you attend your appointments.


House Chores

From vacuuming the floors to washing the dishes there are a number of household chores we can help with. Simply tell us what you need assistance with and our carers will take care of it.

 Carer making the bed for elderly lady

 Carer dropping off food shopping to elderly man


Shopping Trips

If you need assistance completing this essential task our carers will be happy to help. They can assist you in planning your shop, visiting the supermarket and carrying your goods back.


Cooking Meals

Eating healthy and nutritious meals is essential to your mental and physical wellbeing. Our team can help you plan, prepare and cook meals as well as help with cleaning up.

 Carer bringing food to elderly lady in bed

 Carer and elderly lady


Personal Care

Personal care covers a range of tasks including applying make-up, showering or using the toilet. Whatever you need help with, our carers treat you with compassion and kindness.


Managing Medication

It is critical that you take the right medication at the right times. Our carers will manage your medication plan and make sure you have everything you need.

 Carer helping elderly lady with medication

This list is by no means exhaustive.

We can discuss the needs of you or your loved one at a consultation.
We’ll create a personalised care plan that will give you or your loved one the care you/they need.

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